Almost home…

The sun sets on another day…

Only a few chapters left.

I have been impressed with my progress this week, but there have been some setbacks. Life sometimes intrudes. I set high goals, and knew I could pull them off, and then a few things happened that took my time. Now I am OK with completing one task at least.

I am putting the last few touches on Fateful Friend now, and will get a good start on Adam, but I am not far enough. This will be a challenge for the next few weeks, but it is a good challenge and I am happy with it.

All the chapters I removed have been replaced, and a lot more has filled the void. In the end, I am happy with the result. What more could you ask for.

Thanks for reading, and making my days better ones by being there.

Sleep sweet, read all you can, and laugh the night away…

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