Word flow…

The sun sets on another day…

Good friends, good work, good words. It all falls together moment by moment. 

By our own admission, each moment that passes is a moment gone like a snowflake in the summer. Each day gone is a day never replayed, never returned.

I was reading through social media today and came across a post noting what we strive to overcome and cannot. The answers were all over the place. some were simplistic, life overcoming the rent. some were massive, like overcoming hunger, or world strife and a few more. In the end, there was no right nor wrong there was only the opinions of a lot of people thinking about their limitations and how difficult they are to overcome.

There was one that stuck a chord with me, and it was time and death. We struggle with time and can never overcome death. I was interested in the number of comments that fell out of that simple series of words and actually checked the post later this evening to see if more had commented. (Yes, there were a few) The point is and was, we can never overcome time or fight death, and as we consider those obstacles we need to acknowledge there is no going back.

My point I am getting to is if we are sure we are not immortal, and there are no “do overs” why is it so easy for so many to get lost in what does not matter in favor of even more transient items. I write each day and it takes time, but I leave something behind hopefully for some who care, and for my children. (Where I started). what are the things that matter, what are the things that don’t? I have no answer here just that each moment that passes is gone, and nothing will get it back. 

Hmm, almost discarded this post.

So as the sun sets on another day, grab the moments you can. Cherish the moments you have, and when you look back and see what is gone behind you, remember you left it there. (Oh oh, sorry). Make every day an exciting one, and make today that special day that leaves a long lasting memory for you, and for everyone else. Do something amazing, do what you like to do, but do it with all your heart, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, feel the moment, and hold on to happiness each day…

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