Pushed to a path…

The sun sets on another day…

I have written about similar too many times to easily state, so I will focus on a slightly new twist.

The sun tonight shone through the brilliant storm clouds. It was a testament to the sunset I could see it at all. I have recorded it, but will share it another day when I am near my computer.

I think a lot. When I drive, sot, laugh, do mindless things, do not so mindless things, and a hundred other times I could not easily describe, with a thousand other times that are sublime to a point I could not explain them.

Honestly, I think everyone thinks a lot, but I seem to never shut down.

Over the past week I have considered the paths in life we take, and all the strangeness that surrounds those people who think “things happen for a reason”. I thought about it, and realized that is one of the more slighted statements out there. Trying to explain good or bad things with a blanket statement, or worse, trying to excuse our complicity in anything good or bad. So I offer this alternate statement.

“Things happen because we allow them to happen.”

Now before you beat me up with murderous rage, or talk about the really bad things that happen, know that those are those golden exceptions. Those are the things that are way out of our control. I will be focusing on the core of this statement and it is there we will see maybe some positive ideas flow.

I thought about this for more than a little while as I drove today. You may ask why. Well, I find it hard to believe that good or bad happens because of something as inane as predestiny. Some people think their lives are all planned out and that it all just happens, but even in the most liberal translation of most doctrines, we have a choice, which invalidates most thoughts of predestiny. (I will stay away from the theology here and move on). The point is, things happen because we allow it. Want something food? We have to put in the effort to make it happen. Something bad? We set aside the effort. Someone does something bad to us, did we set ourselves up to allow it? Sure, there are situations where we can say “:I did not allow this,” and I agree, there will be some exceptions. You may believe in something more than anyone else could, and have it taken away from you, or find the love of your life, and you not be the love of his or hers, but you still allow some semblance of the situation to happen. You put yourself out there, you work hard and try to do right, you chose an incorrect path from the top of the hill, all of those items are controlled in some part by you.

It could be, as I consider it all, a much more complex problem. I am thinking Things happen because – Rnd*Choice/Rnd simply because it is random if choice will affect us or now, and random whether it will be reduced or increased by those choices. It is all a good thought, but maybe in the end we should just do the best we can each day as we see it, and deal with whatever comes. Maybe. Still, there are times that it seems so obvious we should have held on tighter, or walked away sooner just for what was best for us. I know I am guilty from time to time, but change always puts me at my best.

How about you? The world has handed you something amazing? Do you sit back and enjoy or fight for more? The world has taken something away? Do you consider it a loss, or a chance for something new? So many questions and maybe the answer is simply 42. (Read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy if you don’t get that)

So as the sun sets on another day, I need more tea, well, maybe. We need to pay more attention to every day, and as we do we need to make certain we are guiding our paths in the way we should. Finding the positives and holding on, and leaving the toxic behind. We have some control in this really random world, let’s take that control and make our days better each and every day, no matter what. Sorry for the long wind, but enjoy your night.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wow…life is good…


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