The sun sets on another day…

Storms, heat, storms, sun, blue sky, and more from moment to moment. I watched a lot today, listened, talked, and enjoyed the moments I could, some with vigor, some with excitement, some with laughter.

I find people are good mirrors sometimes. There are of course a lot of exceptions, but for the most part good to great people are mirrors of what they are given in that if you are nice, they will be nice, and if not, well, they won’t. Now this has been true a lot in my life and I have found it easy to not be the evil person who will decimate the world and instead be that person that will find the positive when possible, or use the negative if necessary.

Ohh, sounds scary. It isn’t.

As I considered all the patterns in the world tonight I was at peace for a moment considering all the patterns in the world. Yes, that is a paradox within itself, but sometimes you find good people in your life, sometimes bad, and sometimes it is you that needs to consider who you are in the mix.

Fun huh?

Perhaps the perfect people for you to be around are mirrors to you. Not identical, but able to see your strengths and weaknesses, and be that thing that shows you your true self, allowing you to maybe, comb your hair, laugh at a joke, and generally be a better person. Wouldn’t life be better if we could focus and instead of looking at ourselves, look to others and trust they will look to us? Is this done? Does this even make sense?

I know a few people who would not put any barriers on who they are and who they want to be, but it is a few. Perhaps we all need to strive to be that reflection that we see in ourselves, and find a way to make someone else’s life good along with our own.

So as the sun sets on another day, why not enjoy life. Why not make life that much better, and why not take someone along for the ride, someone who wants to be there as much as you do. Someone who is in it not just for themselves, but for you as well. Push for it, make it real, and love the moments you can have, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be the wow in the world…

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