Crosses and chains…

The sun sets on another day…

Spectacular, awesome, awe inspiring and more come t mind as the colors painted the early evening sky. There can be no better sunset than the sunset you see, which one, you may ask? Every one.

I am told I use the word interesting too much, and I agree, but sometimes going into the necessary detail can be a chore in itself, or unnecessary at best. Today was an interesting day. I will not go into detail except there were massive highs and massive lows. You may be sitting on the edge of your seat wondering about how anything can be high or low or both at the same time, suffice it to say it can. Today I learned of betrayal, hurt, ran out of time, was praised, vilified, elated, out of time, awash with time, happy, and maybe a slight bit angry.

Wow. That can be a lot. I find there are a few people in life I can count on in the grand scope of it all, and I find the one I need to count on most is me. I think of the phrase,”we all have our crosses to bear” and as I do so I often wonder why. If we have a cross to bear, we can know it and move past it right? Somewhere in the scope of it all we can overcome and forgive ourselves our crosses, and in the process overcome the angst associated. Dickens was clear that we forge the chains in life we carry in the afterlife, but those chains can be reduced as well. The miserly and less than nice person can find redemption if they see inside themselves and go beyond that simplistic idea of “I am right” and instead embrace “there are possibilities”. I sit here wondering of the crosses we carry and the chains that bind them not with sadness or a heavy heart but instead with clarity of mind that in the end, if we only have 29000 sunsets to us, we have to shed the crosses and chains to make our lives complete. We have to overcome out crosses that we built, and unshackle the chains that we forged.

I spoke to someone once that had the most terrible secret. They were so sure that everyone in the world would hate them if they only knew. I listened, and in the end, their secret was difficult, but not insurmountable and it was a doorway into a solution, a doorway into being a better person. I am not saying it was not difficult for them, but it was not insurmountable, and in the end that person should find redemption in themselves knowing there is a solution for every problem.

We can all do it, we can all let go of our yucky stuff if we only try.

So as the sun sets on another day, consider well the depth of who you are, and in the process, let go of the difficult, the painful, and worse. Be at peace and leave the crosses and chains to the side, step forward and enjoy your day, enjoy your sunset, and enjoy your life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and bless us every one…


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