The sun sets on another day…

I thought the sunset was lost as the storms rolled in, but at the last minute the skies were lit up with a fire all their own.

For several days and actually for a lot of years I have been thinking about peace. A long time ago someone special wrote to me about peace, and tough I understood, I never really embraced peace. For the most part I am usually very direct, and peace is foreign to me often. The last few years I have been trying to be more at peace, and it had its ups and its downs. So I thought for a while, and remembered Ralph Bakashi. Now, a lot of you won’t remember Ralph, he made a lot of fun movies, but they all had heart. Many remember his lord of the rings movie, but only a few seem to remember an animated movie called Wizards. Now, again, if you saw it most likely it was a long time ago, I last saw it about 20 years ago, but a central character was a bad guy turned good, a robot named Peace. (Good lord, where is he going with this? Get to the point)

So, the point is, the robot Peace changed from a weapon of war, to a creature of peace. (Yes, Peace wanted peace) and that is the whole point. Sometimes even the craziest things need to move towards a little peace. Ahhh, feel the breeze, feel the excitement, but mostly, feel the peace. If you get a chance, the movie is relevant again in our society and a lot of fun. 

well, it sounds super.

So as the sun sets on another day, peace is super. Peace is a feeling that can only be described as sublime, perhaps peaceful if you can use a derivative to describe a word. Peace is what we need more of, and peace is what we should seek. Set aside the toxic and toxic stuff, and find a way to peace each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find peace…

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