A special sunset…

The sun sets on another day…

No, I was not there tonight, nor did I see anything but the pinks and reds of the setting sun. Instead I considered a lot in life, and a lot from the past, the future, but mostly now.

I am big on the now if you do not read my posts often. I have stated many many times to not whine about the past or pine about the future, but instead define the present. As I watched the moments pass tonight I considered exactly that. How have I defined myself today? How have you? Have you made someone laugh? Did you make a difference to someone? Did you tell a good story? Did you feel, and I mean feel deeply. Did you see someone else’s point of view? Did someone else see yours? Have you made a difference? Mostly, did you find joy today?

I did, or at least I think I did, a lot of that. There are things I wish I had done better today, and things I wish I had done, but as I watch twilight pass I am at peace with myself, for each day is an adventure, and each day leads us to another day until that one special sunset that defines us all. 

Here I am, right now, staring at this screen thinking about all the moments I had today. A few laughs, some tough minutes, some easy minutes, and a series of interactions that were simple, perhaps too simple, but enjoyable. I sit here thinking about all the good I did today, and all I could have done. I consider the things I set aside, and what importance I should have given those, and the things I put in front, and were they as important as I thought. It is all there, a day in a bubble, a slice of time in a capsule, transitioning from the present to the past, while the vapors of tomorrow loom to create something new.

So as the sun sets on another day, take nothing for granted. Define your today as the best today it can be, reach out, be that person who takes it all further, and in the process, enjoy the moments you have as if today is all there is. Oh, and when the wind is blowing hard, hold on to your hat and enjoy the breeze.

Sleep sweet, love life, and tomorrow is another day…

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