The top of forever…

The sun sets on another day. As I drove today I went through Rolling Hills that became more than Hills and suddenly I passed cavernous valleys and high peaks. As I did so and reach the top of the peaks I looked down on thousands of trees and a lot more. It was then as I sat on the top of this mountain looking down that I could almost see the edge of forever.

I enjoy driving a lot maybe a little too much. But more than the driving I enjoy the experience and all the hidden amazing treasures that you pass as you’re driving. It is with this in mind that I sit and consider forever. After all all of forever is more than anyone can experience, right? Personally, I have experienced a lot and I am super happy about it and as I drove I wanted to share a perspective and some of the things I saw. 

  • As I pass over a bridge the bridge itself looks dingy and old but as I look further and under it I can see all of the streams and trees and even more that make the world such a great place. The rapids shimmered in the sunlight and the trees hungover like wavy sentinels watching over everything below. 
  • I stopped at the side of a roadside Park and there I saw a lake that stretched beyond all I can see. The water is inviting and looks beautiful, a slice of time that has been there before me, and will be there long after. 
  • I drive a section of road with pines stretching to the sky, 40 to 70 feet high, perfectly in line and beautiful beyond belief. Below the pines you can see the columns  of their trunks for quite some distance in a dark wood sheltered by the foliage above.
  • Passing a cherry stand I laugh and all of the people lined up to get the sweet cherries and then I stopped realizing that sweet cherries are worth stopping for, and sweet cherries, well, that works

Sometimes taking a few extra moments to enjoy yourself is exactly what you need. Sometimes you just have to pay attention to what’s coming in front of you and stop for a moment.

There are times that I look back on my life and all of the things that I passed over that I should not have. I have traveled the world and focused on work far too many times instead of taking an extra hour or an extra day or an extra week to see some of the amazing things the world has to offer.  That doesn’t mean that I have missed out it means that there could have been more and I could have seen more.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to balance your life out and see those things that you want to see but pay attention to new things and in the process find that there is more to the world than just your perspective. I would like to believe that I have done so even though I could have done more.

 What can you do more? Perhaps the best thing is to open your eyes. Even if you don’t get to travel even if you haven’t been around the world there are so many miracles a few feet away from you that are or could be special memories, or great experiences. Maybe the tree outside has butterflies all over it. Maybe there is something else that will appeal to you not just from a level of beauty but from a level of meaning deep inside. Why not see how far it can go, why not take every moment you can and make it yours.

 So as the sun sets on another day, well, maybe it is time to see more. As the sun sets on another day live more. As the sun sets on another day let’s make the world the best place that it can be no matter what and enjoy learning, living and loving all it can give. 

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy all of the things around you…


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