Just in time…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was stupendous. A crimson globe being swallowed by lonely clouds. I was amazed at the colors and dozens of people watched with me from the shoreline. The moments were riveting as each person snapped pictures with camera or phone.

The day was even better, with a dozen great pictures from different areas and good conversation as they were taken. There is something to be said for conversation, and more to be said for understanding someone as they speak. 

As you may guess, I like to talk. Perhaps I talk too much and have been told that before. Perhaps I talk too little though as well. There are times I hold my tongue for too long and the moment passes where I should have spoken. I can never have that time again.

My point for tonight is we only have moments each day, and perhaps we need to speak when we need to and be direct with the people in our lives. Sometimes being nice is not nice, and being to direct, not nice either. We need to find a way to put our words to good use at the right time in the right way every day.

So as the sun sets on another day, why wait? Tell someone how you feel. Let them know, talk to people and take the time to listen. In the process, learn more as each day is an adventure! 

Sleep sweet, love life, and smile for the camera…


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