The sun sets on another day…

 Today is beautiful crisp and exciting: nothing less than one of the best days that you could possibly have. There are so many things that you can do while watching the sun slowly set in the west. It is a time for reflection of the day but not a time to stop living. It is a time to understand what plays in front of us but not a time to worry about what is in front of us. It is instead a time to live right now.

 I often wonder how it is that so many people get lost did the idea of tomorrow. I can understand and yesterday’s are part of our life because it is easy to get lost thinking about them. The lost yesterdays can be something that many people see as of regret or something that other people see as a positive entry in their life.  It is the tomorrow’s that are often confusing. I think Tony Randall said it best in the movie “The Seven faces of Dr. Lao” when he played Apollonius and said the “future is always nonsense until it becomes the past”. Why is it then that we wait? Why is it that many set aside their todays looking forward to something that very well could be nonsense.

 I’m not saying to not plan for the future but I am saying that worrying about the future isn’t exactly a good use of time. I am saying then looking at the future as anything less than nonsense is possibly one of the worst things you can do with your time. 

Here we sit and potentially today or tomorrow or the next day somebody may win the lottery and have a ton of money to blow. Won’t that be awesome? They’ll be able to pay off your bills and have plenty left for themselves. There is also the distinct possibility that person may be no more tomorrow. (Ick, depressing) Perhaps waking up just won’t happen. Who knows what is going to happen? The answer is simple nobody.

 Why don’t we spend some time living our life? When we find that mountain to climb let’s not say “We’ll climb it tomorrow”. When we find that moment that really means something let’s experience that moment and not set it aside. Let’s find a way to live life and not put it off. 

So as the sun sets on another day, today may well be the best day of your life. Right now it is the only thing you’re experiencing. Today may well be the worst day of your life. Right now it is the only day you are experiencing. Let’s make today just the day that we did the best possible that we could made our day a fantastic day, no matter what. (and lose the worst days)

 Sleep sweet, don’t let the bedbugs bite, and have amazing dreams…

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