The sun sets on another day…

Lines are drawn each and every day. If we are followers we stay between the lines and go where we’re told doing what we think is necessary or right. Other people are in and out of the lines always trying to determine best path possible for them, independent of the lines but aware of them. 

I find it interesting how there are so many lines in our lives that we are forced to follow. From driving to shopping to a variety of other daily tasks lines are set with minimal chance of deviation. As I sat here today following my lines my long morning drive I wondered what it would be like to be able to set myself free of these yellow and white road marks and instead take to the air or another alternative. I know this is far-fetched and we are starting a science fiction story just by saying it but maybe we need to consider a little what lines were following. 

Now I hope everybody knows I do not want to sound preachy, but I do want to get across it’s sometimes being outside of the lines is what makes us an individual. How many of us have built our own lines that hold us in check more effectively and more completely then anything else in our life. These things that could be called rules are sometimes rules that don’t necessarily make sense. Sometimes they are rules that are completely off to the side or apply situations long long ago. 

I am reminded of the movie The Golden Child where Eddie Murphy is told to walk the path. As he walks the path he deviates because the path does not seem correct. After he deviates the path he should have taken bursts into flame and falls away. Sometimes we have to know when to get off the path.

 In my opinion that is a big realization. If there is a path laid out before us we should follow that path until it is time not to follow the path. Only we will know when that is. Only we can make that decision for ourselves. The decision to not follow up at open up far more interesting pathways. 

So why is the sun sets on another day there is a path before us. It is forged by people who came before us and based on their experience and their world. As we look at that path and follow it let’s make sure that it applies to our ever-changing world and more importantly gives us a pathway to happiness. After all life without happiness just wouldn’t be happy, would it. We should all strive for more each day find happiness for ourselves and for those people who are important to us. Find happiness, live for life, and live for passion, no matter what.

 Sleep sweet, love life, find your way…

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