The sun sets on another day…

I was at The Lakeside Emporium today and while there I had a few very positive moments. (Well quite a few, but these pertain to me)

So I was working on a piece of equipment that was being less than cooperative, and while I did so I was speaking to Gary who told me that one person I had some a book to had stopped by and told them it was awesome and they could not put it down. That in itself is a fantastic compliment but then I was told she was rereading it on a drive to Mackinaw. Well, I was feeling pretty good, only to have someone walk up a moment later and tell me I was right. I looked up to recognize a man who bought the first book a few weeks earlier, and he followed by saying, “I didn’t want to start another until I read your other two.”

I got him the books and thought about it as I went on in the day. What better day can there be than knowing you entertained a few people, and they enjoyed your hard labor. One event alone would have redoubled my efforts to my next books, but I am flying fast now, and enjoying every moment.

I can honestly say, between spending time at the Lakeside Emporium, laughing with friends, and hearing good feedback, it was an amazing day.

How did your day go? Did someone make your day? Did they let you know something special? Was it you who let them know something amazing? In the end, we can make other peoples day in just a few words. Reach out, be that person, and make days better, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy…



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