The sun sets on another day

Have you ever sat and watched the flashing lights all around us? Have you ever watched the sunset go down or wondered about the miracle of just being able to see the sunset go down? 

We take a lot of things for granted in our life. I find that many times people just don’t see  until they lose something that is important. This doesn’t necessarily apply to just our senses it applies to a lot of things in our life.

Of course losing ones sight would mean never being able to see the beauty of a flower, the majesty of a mountain, or the myriad of colors in a sunset. Losing ones hearing would mean not hearing the sounds of children laughing, the burbling of a brook, or the whisper of “I love you” in your ear. Maybe we can’t prevent something like this. 

Perhaps if we take the time and focus on what’s important every single day we can avoid losing those things that are important. Perhaps if we take the time to enjoy the moment of listening to a child laugh or seeing a sunset or feeling the breeze against our skin or smelling the smell of fresh-baked bread or tasting something delicious maybe we will notice and pay attention more. Perhaps if we love harder trust deeper and feel more the people close to us will hold tight and be closer. Perhaps if we pay attention every detail of our life every detail will become something amazing.

I have a friend who talks to me occasionally about how important the little things are. I have known them for a long long time and they focus on what they think are the little things. What I have seen though in my experience and as I have discussed with this person through their eyes is it there are no little things. Each thing we think is so little is actually a mountain, each crack we build a chasm. Take the moments to focus on all of the things in your life and realize that every moment may mean something and those things you say and do and taste and smell and see and hear and speak are all important

So as the sun sets on another day taking anything for granted is granting that thing to become unimportant. Putting anything in a box makes that thing less important. Let’s make things important every single day no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love it all, and enjoy it too…

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