Darkness and light…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was wet and gooey. As I drove I looked to the sky and a triangle appeared. Blue and pink sky in a field of darkness. I considered for moment how in every darkness there was a light.

There can’t help but be darkness from time to time. We run from it, avoid it, chastise it, hide from it, deny it and a lot more. As I watched sunset last night I thought about the roller coaster ride of life and about the ups and downs that happen inevitably in every persons life.

I have to start by saying some are self imposed. There are people who find darkness in the noon sunlight, and those that find light in the midnight moonless sky, those people are surviving, but doing so as they can, and perhaps not taking all life has to offer and digesting it. (Or maybe they are and have a secret, only time can tell). For most of us, darkness is tough and light feels good, and we ride a small or large ride going up and down and controlling what we can.

My point today, besides the one on my head, is that we cannot appreciate the light without the darkness. We also cannot be wary of the darkness without the light. It makes sense but some people avoid one and in doing so avoid the other. You pretty much have to realize that for every super massive awesome high, there may be a super massive oops oh my goodness fall. 

I have been there and done that a lot. There are some things that have been fantastic beyond belief, only to fall so hard I was worried I would not find myself. You know what, the rises come back, and I find my way to the high side again. How about you? Have you seen those falls that hurt? Have you seen the highs that elate? Those are more about life than a lot of other things simply because the highs and lows let you know you are alive. The positives bring you up, and negatives down, but the ride is where we live.

So as the sun sets on another day, the triangle of light in our life may well be a door to push us higher. We can push ahead, find a way to see the good in anything. Yeah, the bad is there. It lets us know how great the good is, and we can embrace every moment and live it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the ride…

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