Pressing forward….

The sun sets on another day…

Here I sit, pressing forward. A world upon worlds in front of me, making the day into more than a day, making it into an accomplishment.

I wonder if everyone sees their days as a series of goals and accomplishments. Each day a positive move from the last, each possibility a step in a direction that we set, not someone else. To me it starts with goals.

Each day I set a goal, well, each day I have many, and I bet you do as well. Then I just start making them happen. There are some days that are super, and yes, some suck, but I do all I can anyway to enjoy the day as I reach my goals and i can always check off some.

What are your goals? Are they great and grandiose, or are they just to get through another day? One of mine is to correct my overuse of the word “so” and try to see more positives every day.

So, err, oops, well, I used it, So as the sun sets on another day. Set a goal today, make it a happy one. Make the day yours, and in the end, life will help you make them.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it…

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