Bad Days…

The sun sets on another day…

I was in awe of the sunset as the colors slowly fell I need the cloud filled sky. As I watched Cloud seemed to light up with a life of its own and each moment.
Experience has been coined as the best teacher. I will never disagree with that simply because as we experience life we are opened up to new possibilities, new life, and maybe a new perspectives of the world. It is that perspective that we should pay attention to.
I can say this with relative certainty “people have bad days”. I wish that everybody could see the world and realize that a bad day may only be a bad moment and the day is a hole is far more positive than perceived. This is where experience is often overlooked. As I pass a park and notice the chairs are almost underwater that could be considered bad. (well it is) If I look at the chairs and realize no one could use them right now in the cold anyway and that in a short time they will be back usable and beautiful was there really anything bad at all? Sure I know that there are issues always where I tend to get hung up is averaging things out to be bad when every day we have so much to be thankful for.
All I am suggesting is today, be thankful for something, not just down about it. Be thankful for anything and everything.
So as the sun sets on another day, I don’t think I can sit on an underwater chair with the lake half frozen, but I will sit there when it warms up. When I do, I will appreciate the chair and enjoy it all I can, and not worry about when it was under water and ice. I will instead enjoy the sunset, and smile at the night, no matter what.
Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy all you can…

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