Leading the way…

The sun sets on another day…

A beautiful day rides before us. We know it is there, and sometimes we get lost in trying to find our way there. Many tend to follow before they lead, they wait for the next person instead of leading the way themselves.

Personally, I am always impressed with those people that lead us forward. I know many who don’t wait for the world to show them the way but instead forge a path forward to their destiny and let others follow. They see a way where others see adversity. They see a path where others see little or even nothing.

I have friends that have found their way forward where others dare to fly. They took the chance to leave the normal world behind and make a new world and in doing so set a bar that is higher for the next person. Others may think they have it made, but they struggle like the rest of us, and push to find a way even where there isn’t one. They have taken a normal business and turned it into a positive powerhouse that cares for service and people.

I have worked for many businesses that are top of the line. They are filled with positive people and high performers that want the business to grow. Those businesses ultimately set a bar that few dare to follow.

I have worked for those businesses filed with negativity as well. the ones that allow the basest of emotions to rule, and punish positivity and imagination in favor of obedience and subjugation.

In the end, both work for a time, but positivity wins out. The “my pleasure” of the world will find a way while others are still thanking you for shopping. those that listen and understand will perform better than those who dictate and destroy.

So as the sun sets on another day, I apologize for the light rant, but I am so happy to be around positive people and people who want to grow, and it makes me feel good knowing there are businesses like that out there. Skip the negative, embrace the positive, and make the world a better place simply because of attitude, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy it every day…


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