Ten days and enough…

The sun sets on another day…

You are being watched. Maybe it is Santa, maybe not, but you are being watched. (We need some fun music here).

As I was going through some pictures on a card I had not pulled in I came across this gem. This Peregrine falcon decided to try to run through a huge window where I work. When it did it rang its bell, literally, and gave a lot of people an opportunity to get close while it regained its senses. I know it felt pretty silly running into glass, but sometimes you just don’t see it coming.

Christmas is only 10 days away and I can honestly say a lot of people didn’t see it coming. They are rushing around and trying to find that one perfect gift that will slide right in and make the world a slightly better place. Sounds fun huh? Well, maybe they should open their eyes before they hit that big pane of glass.

All I’m saying is sometimes people need to pay attention to what someone really wants, sometimes people need to just pay attention.

I know I have had that problem quite a few times in my life. I have been so engaged at getting the perfect thing that I have missed the signs of what I should have bought. I have been so sure that I missed what was truly important. I have no words.

So as the sun sets on another day, open your eyes and listen, open your ears and see. Pay attention and know what people are looking for, and make it real for them. Hey, and if you hit a pane of glass, shake it off, take a few minutes to clear your mind, and keep on flying, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, 143…


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