The sun sets on another day…

Thanks to some fun people in my past I think about boxes from time to time. As I sort through a series of boxes right now, I thought about how people uses boxes to make their lives definable.

One person I knew put everyone in boxes. Friends, relatives, enemies, enema’s, everything had its place. In the end (it is an enema joke) those boxes were treated with predefined rules and predefined assumptions and as that person interacted with people everything went according to plan. Unfortunately, people like me, or maybe it is just me, don’t fit in boxes. As such, the boxes were out the window, and the world just wasn’t clear.

I would like to think that no one should be in a box. I would like to think we are all unpredictable and unique, but eventually, I was put in a box, set on a shelf and eliminated. I wonder what the box said. Perhaps unboxable.

Funny? Yep.

My point is, and there is a point, that if you put people in boxes, maybe you should look a little closer. Maybe there are an unlimited number of boxes to go with the unlimited number of people out there. Maybe every person is as unique as you are and should be reveled and celebrated. If you let someone put you in a box, maybe it is time to take a walk, and realize you are better than a box, or maybe better than 2, which would be a pair-of-box. you are special, don’t let someone box you up.

So as the sun sets on another day I walk towards the sunset with tattered boxes hanging from my shoulders, and a life full of uniqueness. Every day I will and have be as unique as I can, and every day I will live, laugh, love, and spread passion, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and think outside the box…

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