My fault…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was again spectacular. The sky dotted with colors and snow at the same time. I can think of few moments better than watching a sunset sparkle in the sky.

I am always amazed at how many people say they are sorry for items they have no control over. They say sorry and in a moment become so enthralled by the sorry in itself that they do not realize, it is not their fault. So today, instead of saying you are sorry, instead tell everyone its my fault. It will be easier right? 

The dog made a mistake, my fault.

Car wouldn’t start, my fault.

Left the lights on, my fault again.

Overslept, yep, still my fault.

Think of how easy it will be to go on realizing that it just isn’t something you did, but it is someone else who is at fault. OK< so, well, that may not work as well as we thought. There is no magic person to blame for everything, even me, but when you think about it it would be easier right? I have always been amazed at the things that were my fault that I didn’t even know about, but it is just as telling when you consider how many people take the blame for things they had no control over.

Let’s make a deal. If I really do something, let’s let it be my fault, OK. If it is your fault, really your fault, I give you permission to take the blame. (Yeah, like you need my permission). In the middle, let’s stop taking the blame for all the stuff we have no control over, and give ourselves a little better day, and hey, it really may not be your fault.

So as the sun sets on another day, pick a moment and be happy with yourself. I think you will see it is a super and wonderful time if you let it be! The world is so full of opportunity, lets just set the fault aside for a while and enjoy ourselves, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and make the world yours…



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