Where to look…

The sun sets on another day…

The sky ahead is dark and dim, the front as dark as where I’ve been, and as I travel towards a place, I know the time is not a waste.

You know, time is only a waste if we let it be. Time is the one things we don’t get back, spend when we are not looking, and that item that we all want more of, right? Why then do so many people look forward so much to the future that they miss what is going on right now. I can cite numerous stories, and you can as well, of people who planned for a new time only to find that their time was gone, and they missed the entire point of the moment.

Yeah, I know, who cares? Well, I do. I would rather live every day than worry about the days that are not yet here. I refer to this sometimes as pining for the future and it is not a good use of time in my opinion. Planning a vacation or for some things is OK, but wondering when you will do something should be right out. I talked a lot today about a card I was giving out. The question was, if you only have 29000 sunsets, and it is day 28999, what would you do differently. Now as why you are not doing it today!

The answer will surprise you. Trying to make next week, or next month, or next year, a destination, well, it becomes too easy to put off, and as such the answer is to just stop pining for the future, but instead defining right now, today.

So as the sun sets on another day, guess what. The future will get here. It will get here and be as it is each day, no matter what. Make today, the present, your best day ever, and the future will never seem unexpected or far away, instead every day will be leading you towards the positive, every day will be your day. Make it yours and you should find happiness, no matter what.

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