Ha ha ha ha ha…

The sun sets on another day…

I rushed to a location today to listen to an ordinance change. I waited, waited, waited, and waited, and then the meeting was over, almost 3 hours later. So several people asked, what happened?

In the first 10 minutes the item was passed and only items for discussion were taken forward.


Sometimes we experience things and at the end of the experience we may feel a little sheepish, but it is not all that bad. I learned a lesson, and in saying “duh” I acknowledge that I still have more to learn, don’t we all? Every day there is something new, every day there is something different. Every day we have an opportunity to teach, and an opportunity to learn.

So I sit here, enjoying the moment and also enjoying earlier in the day when I knew the answers and did not run over people. Instead I tried to guide people to the place they needed to be independently of my knowledge and experience. Sometimes we have to let other people learn.

On this same day I took a few minutes and wrote a group of people who were stumbling. I saw them as trying but not thinking out the ramifications of their work. At this point I guided more directly, and in doing so may have opened eyes, but may have closed others.

All of these things work if you let them, all of these things are sometimes necessary. All can make you laugh, or cry, or just get by, but in the end you have to make the decisions to understand and adapt and at least try to make the right choice.

So as the sun sets on another day, I am still laughing for missing a key point. I am still smiling from helping people learn, and I am still feeling good for showing a group another way. It works you know. Sometimes you just have to do it, and in doing so define a path for yourself that works, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, laugh hard, and cry sometimes to know the difference…


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