They danced…

The sun sets on another day…

I love dancing. I love music. I could not tell you who a song is written by and usually I can’t tell you any of the words, but I can catch a tune very rapidly and enjoy it. I am not a great dancer. I am always afraid of accidentally smashing someone, it is a flaw with being a monster. 

Last night I was listening to music, dancing, and generally having fun. While I sat a young couple cleared a small area (The dance floor was full) and began dancing. Not a little, but a lot, and then a lot more. It became a feverish whirling of bodies and was quite good, and they laughed and were alone on the small dance area they had made. I was in awe.

It takes a lot for some people to dance. Some people have to get drunk to begin dancing as they were doing, some just watch and avoid it, here were two people so lost in their dancing that the rest of the world didn’t exist. It was there I came back to the old poem and realized, both of them were dancing like no one was watching, and that was good. No one watching even when they were, no one mattering but themselves.

Maybe if we all took a moment and paid attention to ourselves, and set all the expectations away, we would realize what these two people did, that sometimes you have to be alone in the crown, and empowered in the crown. Sometimes you have to dance like no one is watching.

So as the sun sets on another day


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