Unbroken… Unbreak…

The sun sets on another day. This evening sunset would have been stunning had I not been deep in the woods. Instead I took pictures of the snow and trees and the beauty of the day. In a moment the sunset fell and darkness covered the land with a crisp blanket overlooked by the stars above.

There are times that I consider how many things we have all gone through. Well actually I can say I do that a lot. So many people seem to be challenged each day just making it through each day. Each year another major thing happens before we can get through each year. It is telling that all of us see this as not a huge deal or at least tolerate such events easily. Well some of us do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of us were Unbroken? Wouldn’t it be nice for you have a crystal clear life? I don’t think so. I could never appreciate people the way that I do if I had not been hurt by people the way that I have. I could never overcome the obstacles in front of me if I had not overcome the obstacles behind me. In fact most of us become successful because of our failures. Without failure there can be no success.

Who cares right?

I do, and the reason I do is because I may not be unbroken but I can unbreak myself. I have quoted an old comic before, but “knock me down a hundred times and I will rise the 101st as strong and as fresh as ever”. With that attitude there is nothing I can’t overcome. With that attitude there is nothing you cannot overcome. All of the stresses and strains laid upon us by our day today are nothing compared to how we can overcome just by wanting to overcome. All of the stresses and strains may knock us down, but we will get up again, right?

So as the sun sets on another day it is time to get out of super glue. If you feel broken it is time to glue yourself back together and be broken no more. It is time to unbreak yourself and be whole once more. Don’t let the petty things in life drag you down or make you feel any less than what you are. Instead rise up and being that person that overcomes anything, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live with power…

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