Ten four…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was suddenly there, and it was another almost not beautiful but amazing day. Why? Today there was snow on the ground in the morning, and as the sun came up it melted the snow in unique patterns as it filtered through the trees. Then the snow was gone, then it was back, then it was gone, and then it was sunset. As night crept in the cool breeze was all around, and the moon, well, it has been impressive all week.

The world is topsy turvey right now. People are online more than they meet face to face, and that online world has new rules, and a lack of rules that are nearly funny, and sometimes a little strange. Here we are, living our 29000 sunsets, trying to enjoy every one and it has become harder to know who is out there, and who is listening. It is funny. The new world isn’t all that new, I remember this from a long time ago when CB radios were the rage, and fun little words assailed the airwaves. The words have changed, but the thoughts are still there. People yelled out 10-4 and had 10-12 and 10-9 a lot when the sound wasn’t that good. People talked about things and truckers ruled the air, often talking about traffic, but more often talking about nothing in particular, and almost always being entertainment. Sure, many talked, but more listened and in the process just lurked out in the world laughing with the person on the radio. Some of the appeal was the language, and some of the appeal was we did not know who it was on the other side, it could be anyone. While on the road we kept in touch.

Here we are now, doing similar, scrolling through pages and pages of other people, or talking online, still not knowing who it is on the other side. Sometimes we do now, but more often we are presented with an image, and we just accept it and go on. Our 10 codes have been replaced with emojis and net shorthand, and kids come up with ways to speak online each day that are quick, direct, and ever changing. We still have an appeal for the communication.

I ramble from time to time, but the best point here is we are trying to stay in touch on our journey through our sunsets in any way we can. We stay in touch and do what we can, sometimes too much, but still, we work hard to enjoy our time with others.

It is a lot and I try to keep it a little.

So as the sun sets on another day. Stay in touch. You don’t need to be over the top, but we have the tools to enjoy others, and be a little cautions, but have a lot of fun. After all, If you can’t be close, well, be far but connected. (Well, that was dumb). Have a super night and enjoy every moment you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and hold the world close…

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