Little thankfuls…

The sun sets on another day…

I was thinking as the sun set how wonderful it would be to see the sunset. The clouds had rolled in, but I felt good about all that was happening, and as I watched the night sky close in, I was still thankful.

Thankful is a neat word. It is a feeling of, well, thanks, or maybe being grateful for for something. It is easy to be ungrateful, and easy to see the negatives, but we can be thankful for almost anything.

I am working on a variety of stories and books right now. It has me scattered because I have too many spinning plates, but I can smile a little because I know that I am thankful to be writing and enjoying what I write. Nope, won’t let the other things get me down, instead, I am going to enjoy the positives.

For all those things that hurt me, I am going to see the good sides first, and well, the hurt was a good lesson, but the bigger lesson was to be thankful. Yes, even when I ripped my arm up pretty good riding on a shopping cart, I was thankful I did not break anything, and thankful that I had the fun in the first place. Think about thanks. Should be a bumper sticker.

So as the sun sets on another day, think about the wonderful things you can be thankful for, and let the rest just kinda not be as important. It will make your day a little better to look at the positives, and you may smile a little more. Do it, live it, laugh with it, and enjoy your day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and thanks…

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