Give thanks…

The sun sets on another day…

This will be a weird post, well, somewhat. Sunset was beautiful and stunning, and I only saw a few moments of it as I spent time playing games and laughing, online. It is a unique thought that our interaction online is more the norm, and it has bridged space more effectively than we have in the past. As the games ended and darkness fell I thought about the myriad of times I have been thankful for, well, thanks.

Sometimes we ignore the simple words of thanks we get. Sometimes we just don’t realize the depth of all that is around us until it isn’t around us anymore. I have been culling through boxes, eliminating things I have held onto and came across and envelope filled with cards. These were not ordinary cards, these were “Thank you cards” from a job a long time ago. I read through them and as I did I recalled the fond memories of helping people, and their gratitude at my doing so. It seems as though it is a lifetime ago when I got these, and soon they will be no more, but they played a powerful part in my life as I used the model several times to encourage people, find common ground, and of course to say “thank you”.

If I have not said it, thank you to those people who worked with me, good or bad you inspired me to always be better. Thank you for those people I worked for, you gave me a chance to learn, and I learned. Some lessons were good, some not so good, but learning in itself is a positive. Thank you to the people who lifted me up when I needed it, those that were there for me when I needed them, and who made life easier. Thank you for those who hurt me or put me down, some of my most positive lessons were when I was knocked down nearly to the ground and did not let it stop me. Thank you for all that is going on now, for perhaps it will let people know how precious life is, and let us learn how to reconnect again. Mostly just thank you, for, well, being you.

Are you ready to embrace the thank you in your life? Can you see the positives and the negatives as lessons? If so, thank someone, for helping you, if not, well, that’s ok too. Just keep an eye out, you never know what’s next.

So as the sun sets on another day Think about it, the world is a better place if you hear the words “Thank you”. Whether you have done something or not, it is well worth it. Make it a habit, or a goal to show people thanks each and every day for all they do for you, and perhaps for others, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and thank you…

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