A tick of the clock…

The sun sets on another day…

I am sore. I will pause here and let you go “awwww” but don’t worry, it was an almost good sore if there is such a thing. I continued to build a fence around the garden today and dog holes, placed posts, leveled fence, hauled concrete, and generally did a lot of stuff. I am not finished yet, but I will be soon.

While I was digging a post hole with a post hole digger knowing how the chest expander got its idea I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It swung across my field of vision and landed behind me. I stopped, turned and there was a jet black butterfly with iridescent blue on its wings. I watched as it slowly flexed its wings, and realized I had no camera, no phone, no nothing with me. I was covered in cement and mud, wet, sweaty and would terrify anyone coming near me. Still, this butterfly had landed a few feet from me and so I watched, and it stayed.

I was overcome, so I slowly backed away, ran to the house, grabbed a camera and worked my way back out. It was still there and I focused, took one picture, and the moment passed. The butterfly took off fast and was gone in an instant. I set down my camera, I sat down for a minute. There was a lesson here.

How often are you doing something so wonderful you just don’t want it to end? How often is something so good and you try to get more, and mess it up? How often has perception of something broken the magic?

I was a little overwhelmed. It was a lot. The butterfly landed less than 3 feet from me. I could have enjoyed it and didn’t need the picture. The sun sets, and I have learned to enjoy that and not need a picture always, but here I sat, enjoying a moment I knew might not last, and I did something that may have made it shorted.

My advice is simple. If you are enjoying the moment, enjoy the moment. Don’t look for more, expect more, expect it to be there always, just enjoy the moment. It would be nice if I was the only one who had ever felt this, but I know I am not, so many others have said it, it has been there so many times. Don’t take a tick of the clock for granted. I sit thinking, a woman once said to me I was too over the top, she asked me to be more nonchalant, in looking for that I lost the magic. I look at my son, my daughters, and I see a moment ago, and they are now adults. Time slips away, and in the end the tick of the clock is never going to stop. Just enjoy it.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, my not so perfect picture is attached, it is blurry but the one in my mind is solid, and I will remember it vividly and the moment the butterfly came to visit. Maybe it was tired of seeing me dig holes, or maybe it just wanted to say hi, but in the end it made the day a little better. Enjoy your moments, enjoy your time, and enjoy each and every day as that day, not tomorrow or yesterday, no matter what.

sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy every tick…


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