All covered with scars…

The sun sets on another day…

Wow. What a day. Sunshine everywhere, it is all good!

I was thinking about scars today. You know we all have them, inside or out they are there. We are often covered in scars and in consistent and constant battle to keep from having more. Well, stop it.

You know, life was meant to be lived. In a time like this where we are stuck in our homes we should be doing everything we can to live life, and be as wonderfully fun as we can. If this event has taught us anything it is our time is precious and can be taken at a moments notice. So live it. Love it, laugh at it, but be involved in it every day. After all, when tomorrow comes and you have a new scar, inside or out, you have a fun new experience too, and isn’t that a big part of life.

I know I am covered with scars, and my heart and soul are probably so scarred it is a gristly mess, but I try hard each day to be open to new opinions, new ideas, and new chances to learn, even if it means I will be scared again. Think about it.

So as the sun sets on another day, each day is an adventure. Let’s make it the best adventure ever and build a life that we can say we did something amazing. After all, it is our life, lets live it.

Sleep sweet, love life, and holy shnikies batman…

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