Pause a moment…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular and an amazing reverse of our sunset yesterday. Clouds formed, and held the sun at bay until the dropped beneath the cloud cover and lit the horizon. I suppose you could call it a peekaboo sunset, or instead of calling it anything you could just enjoy it.

Have you ever noticed there are times you should pause? Have you ever noticed there are times that are so taxing you should just pause? Have you ever noticed how sometimes you are enjoying a moment so much you should just pause? There are times we really need to set the world aside and pause. Sometimes these are overwhelmingly bad, but hopefully a lot of the time they can be overwhelmingly good.

I have had the privileged of meeting  people who are worth more than a moment, more than a few. It is satisfying always when you are talking to someone or a group of people and time just passes, no work, no thought, just suddenly time passes and it is another time. Those people are to be cherished as they see the world as a series of adventures, and you can be a part of that adventure. 

Today I spoke to a few people who just made time fly by. One in particular was so full of life it was overflowing, and as they spoke I smiled and just paused, enjoyed the moment and went on. 

Listen(er, read?), it is easy to get lost in the negatives right now, but if we pause for a moment and set the negatives aside, then move forward with the positives perhaps we will enjoy our days a little more. Perhaps, just perhaps, the world will melt away for a moment as we find the better avenue, and the more lenient path.

So as the sun sets on another day, ahhh, a nice pause, a great day, and a fantastic moment. Take the time, smile, laugh, engage, be one of those people that brightens someones day. Be one of those people that brightens everyone’s day, and enjoy every moment you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love live, from sea to shining sea…

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