The sun sets on another day…

Here we are, another day has come and gone, and this time it is the birth of the United States of America. Sure, it is not exact and there are a lot of things to consider about this date, but it is what we celebrate and when, and I believe in my country every day.

Someone made note that I do not post my political views on Facebook or really post them much at all, but I do get involved sometimes in spirited discussions. I have another blog with my political views. I have not written in it in some time simply because it is constantly in motion and so are my views. At the core of what I believe is easy.

  • We have a great country, always have and always will as long as we stand united and believe in our biggest resource, our people.
  • Common sense makes sense only if we have shared experience. Sometimes people don’t.
  • Communication is key to everything.
  • People believe what they want, you will rarely change that, but if something isn’t right, stand up and be heard.
  • If you belittle anyone, you are in the wrong.
  • Check your facts, if they are not facts, it may be time to not share.

So as the sun sets on another day, I am sure I could rant all day, but these are the basics. I am sure I could also come up with a lot of basics, a lot more, but I see so many people fighting online, unfriending people because the disagree, ranting, being obnoxious and worse I just thought I would say something on the 4th for just a moment. We are as great as you are, and as weak as we are, lets lift each other up and make today the best day ever, sounds good doesn’t it? I know I will try, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and believe in yourself above all else…


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