Serious sunrise…

The sun sets on another day…

The sun sets on another day, and today the sun rose on another exciting day as well. It was suggested I consider sunrises as well, and after looking at the over 1800 posts I have done I realized only 50 contained the word sunrise, and far less were actually about the sunrise. You can see the list here, it will be 51 after today.

I am always fascinated by both sunsets and sunrises. I see them as two sides of a very different coin. The sunrise opens a day and sometimes foretells of the good or bad of the day and is full of color and light. The sunset closes the day, and is a story unto itself, filled with colors and light as well, the sunrise is greeted by few, but the sunset watched by many. 

I have often wondered why people don’t wake up and watch the sunrise each day like the scores of people who watch the sunset with me. Perhaps they do, but often they are getting ready, just moving, or still asleep and perhaps it is easier to define the sunset point than to decide a good sunrise point. I have used the idea of 29000 sunsets to define a time of day where we can reflect and realize that if this was our last day, what would we have done differently, and perhaps determine how we should be doing some things differently each day. It could be 29000 noons and it would be the same, the idea is, why live a life filled with regret, instead live a life filled with passion, love, life, excitement, and so much more. 

I have met many very special people in my life. Some were in my life for a short time, some much longer. It was a subset of those people that helped me refine the idea that each day is a gift, and we should grab onto and wrench the moments in our life to our betterment. We should not go quietly into the night, nor avoid the happy times in favor of fear, despair, or self loathing but instead lift ourselves and others higher. A simple laugh, a dumb joke, a healthy dose of respect, a splash of real love, a ditty of determination, all build us as people and take away the mundane meanderings that so many experience. 

So as the sun sets on another day, I want to take this moment and say thank you. Thank you to the thousands who read this daily bit of fun, thank you for those on Facebook who reply, and those of you who are not on Facebook who write to me. Mostly thank you for all your belief in a positive world and the way beyond. Make this sunrise your sunrise, make this noon your noon, and if we only have 29000 sunsets, make the sunset yours as well, and make every one count, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love, and live well every day…

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