The sun sets on another day…

I wrote about similar here.

Sunset was amazing, as always. Sunset made me smile, and I was at peace for a moment.

As you may know I like to write. I have an opportunity to get a great deal of writing done this weekend and I hope to put it to good use. My soul, or spirit is full of energy, and I want to express it as clearly as I can, so I will write. It is in that series of thoughts I find a great deal of my spirit, I have talked to people before and they have explained how they write or are inspired. For me it seems to be different (Though I am sure there are others) in that I am there in the writing not just expressing a story, but letting loose a part of myself. 

In my characters I see those people I have been or who have been around me, and in the settings the places I have seen or have dreamed of in the depth of the night. I am there, stuck between love and life and passion and a lot more, reaching for something, then putting it on paper (Or in this case on the ether). It is no accident that my powerful writing comes from great passion or great pain, but sometimes even better comes in the mundane moments I am searching for truth, for answers, and maybe a little more.

Overt the last several weeks I have written several short stories, inspired by a time, a place, or a special person, or even a request, these stories stand out as a journey into passion, and a movement to enlighten. Who will they enlighten? Maybe nobody, but maybe somewhere inside they enlighten me and let me play out situations that were beyond my control, or express dreams that were on the edge of a dream. In the end, stories like “Prices Slashed” seem like a terrifying vision of our future, but it is not so different than our today. Stories like “Protect his Heart” may seem violent, but no less violent than a man or woman scorned. Over the next few days I will set some of these stories aside, and finish a book or two as I go. As I do I will invite many of you to see a little more and perhaps see something that means something. At the very least you may enjoy yourself. At least I hope you will.

So as the sun sets on another day, we carry our spirits, wild and free, and as we do perhaps we can find a way to learn from each other, from our lives, and from the deep feelings we have daily. Embrace them for they guide us to more. Find a way to see beyond the pain or passion, and in that, grow as you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep on growing….



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