The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was awesome, filled with clouds and color, but then gone as the storms prepared to roll in. Still, I enjoyed what I saw, and have fun with every moment.

I talk about passion a lot. If you look at the list I have here there are 59 times I directly talk about passion. Honestly I think, yes it is my opinion, that passion drives the world as a life without passion is not a life, it is something far less. Now that is not to say you should have passion about everything. Passion about walking the trash out will not compare to other forms of passion, and never could. There are some fundamentals. You should have passion for people, for great places, and for awesome things you do like work, play, and play some more. 

My point is what makes your fire burn and how do you take advantage of it? How deep do those fires go? How can you use those fires to enjoy your day even more?

In my opinion the best case is to use the fires of your passion to overshadow everything else. Take those fires and overshadow the negative or mundane like so many do with the negatives of the day. Instead of I had to deal with 3 bad people today focus on how great 3 people were, or better yet what an impressive discussion you had, or something else that made your day better. There are always ways and if you tie your passions into positives you will not be let down. (Well, I don’t think you will, so hey, at least try it).

So as the sun sets on another day, fires can burn deep, find them and use the passion inside you to find a better place, a better day. and happiness in between. I know if we all try we can succeed, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and feel the burn…

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