The sun sets on another day…

Once again sunset was obscured with clouds, but the day was filled with passion, excitement, and the promise of a positive future.

I enjoy interactions with people. People are at the core of a great deal, including society. The ongoing pandemic has created interesting interactions in public, even at events that are outdoors like the one I attended today. In today’s world outdoor attractions are a little more desirable as they keep people at a distance and make them feel a little better about themselves. As I talk to people they engage and return the banter, often opening up about a great deal. Today I met wonderful people with an assortment of desires and beliefs. I met those who supported both main candidates, supported the pandemic actions, disliked them, loved shopping, hatted it, wanted to be there, the wife/husband made me be there, talked positively, looked shamefully around. There were people who wore masks, wore masks wrong, and didn’t wear masks. I met people who wanted to laugh, and people who wanted not to laugh.

One woman was giggling because she had not been out of her house since March and I wondered about that series of events. Many walked by, oblivious to the table with 2 authors talking about their books, but as many stopped.

In the end I was full of wonder and enjoyed it all, after all, I am told one of the fun parts of my books is the characters, and I have to admit I am highly invested in my characters, and the imaginary lives they lead. I spoke to one person and she was truly interested, and as we discussed the characters she looked at me and said, “I want the whole set” and was excited for the journey she would soon be on, inside the books I have written, lost in my imagination for a while.

Do you like people? Do you see the differences in people as positives or run from those who do not agree with you? I see both often. Are you the person looking for your ideas to be challenged, or do you believe you can see the only truth? I guess the question is, do you see people as I do, a chance to learn every day or do you hide from them, and from expanding your point of view, or maybe somewhere in between?

I wonder, and I hope you open your mind to more than just what you know, because often what we know becomes invalid when we know more. My opinion.

So as the sun sets on another day, it was an amazing day and I learned a great deal about a lot of people, and in doing so change my views on life, if only a little. I suggest we all be open to seeing past ourselves and being more by the interactions. We grow by learning, we learn by doing, and life is about doing, right? Live you life fully each and every day with passion and the curiosity of a kitten, engage life as though you are new to it all each day, and see the world with fresh eyes, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with passion, and live with excitement…


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