The sun sets on another day…

Today all day I built stairs. It was a long day, and the stairs were fun to build. Each level took my steps a little higher, each board and stone I placed was a pleasure and a bit of a pain. In the end it came out nice, and in the end I could not ask for better.

In my opinion we build stairs every day. We have the choice to build those stairs to lift us up into new heights and show us how happy we can be, or we can build our stairs down into the depths of depression, or the challenges of negativity. Once the stairs are built we can go up and down faster, but it is easier where we have built them before. If we build those stairs to go up, up is easier. If we build them to go down, down is easier. It just makes sense.

There were a lot of years that my down stairs were better built than my up stairs. I had issues with trust, issues with trust, and maybe some issues with trust. It is not as many see it, but instead my issues were trusting that someone would feel. We all expect different in life and it is up to us to understand the why and wherefore of how we feel and try to communicate it. If we don’t, well, we build the down stairs. If we do, or if we can accept all that we need to accept, we build the up stairs. In my opinion I failed for a long time because I could not see that. I did not fail anyone but myself. How about you? Are you building your stairs up?

Think about it.

So as the sun sets on another day, find the way to build your stairs up, and as you do, find some fun in your life to build those stairs higher and higher. You won’t regret it. Make your life the best it can be, and climb your stairs, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the climb…

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