Time honored…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was hidden by an angry sky, perhaps a reflection of the world and all the anger there but more likely a random collection of water droplets creating amazing clouds in the sky.

I am amazed at the world often. I think the day I stop being amazed at the world will be a bad day as I will be no more. Each day is an adventure, like it or not. Each moment a chance to learn and grow. Each collection of moments a slice of a life. The question today is how do you live?

I am asking this question simply because I try to live as fully as I can each day, but even I did not live as fully as my niece. Tomorrow she will be laid to rest, and already the world has lost. It is a time honored tradition to consider the life of someone when they pass, and now I consider the life of my niece.

She was born a fighter. At 3.5 pounds she was premature but as I help her in my hand and she barely fit in my palm she had fire, and she would be a force to be reckoned with. It did not take long for her to be running the show. My sister and brother in law were good to great parents and gave her guidance and love, but she was full of more. Fascinated by everything and always wanting to excel she was the center of attention always. Her smile infectious. Her laugh even more so. 

Each time I saw her she was more rambunctious but more measured and more focused. She knew what she wanted. It was evident. She wanted to help people. As she walked into any room she was the center of attention, if not, she soon could get there. She had an innate desire to help people, and an even more fervent desire to show love. Her hugs would leave you wanting more hugs, they were not part hugs or mild hugs, she hugged with all she had, and after you knew you had been hugged. I always picked her up and hugged her, and she never wanted to be put down. It seemed that as I raised her up high, she was excited to find even higher.

As she progressed to a young lady she found acting and music and much more. Every challenge was not enough, and her perfectly perfect times were when she was under pressure or feeling that she needed to help. She kept that desire, even need, to help anyone and everyone. She had no enemies that I knew of, and if she did they could do nothing but realize she would overcome, and in the process she would make life more right.

Many people saw her as a friend, but in a room she was your best friend, without a doubt. I sat with her just 6 short months ago, and as I did we just sat and watched the world go by, and there was a little peace. She found an amazing love, and I can only hope he finds peace as well. She truly lifted everyone higher, I can only imagine his loss. 

You may ask if I am sad. I was, I am,, and I will be but only as this fantastic young woman did not have the ability to live longer, show us more, and find the ultimate goal she often discussed, being a mom. I did not see her enough, I will miss her every day. Life will be great, but she would have lived an amazing one.

Hmmm. I will stop.

So as the sun sets on another day, there can be no power but the time honored power of life. Are you living it? Are you hiding away waiting for life to end, or watching each moment and scraping the life out of it. Are you aware of just how powerful you are or can be? If not, look around, make you life whole, and live fully each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live forward…



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