Deeper moments…

The sun sets on another day…

Here I sit watching the sun set but it waits for no one and hides itself behind yet another cloud. Laughing I am aware that I have the advantage because I know it is there no matter what.

I find myself often thinking about the depth of the human soul. Many people look at the soul or people in general from a very superficial perspective. They feel that what they see is all that there is and fail to realize the intensity that is behind the curtain. It is that intensity that often defines who we are and that driving force that often pushes us to be more and to achieve more.

I have found that the quiet people in the room are often the ones that are exploring the most amazing thoughts and with a few brief questions can unlock the universe. All you have to do is want to see more. All you have to do is find the patience to see past the surface.

When I am quiet, which is often quite rare, it is usually because I am lost in thought and thinking about literally dozens of things at once. ┬áThe quiet time allows me to focus and see past the surface and instead into considerably more. The bad part is sometimes when I am talkative there’s even more going on.

How is it for you? Do you need the quiet time to reflect and understand and have a deeper moment? Or instead, are you inspired by the words of others and consider far more because of their interaction? Either way know yourself and find the time to see more.

So as the sunsets on another day, deeper thoughts make the world a better place. Deeper thoughts find a way where there may not have been. Use those thoughts to create a new world and enjoy your day no matter what.

Sleep sweet, think often, and act when you can…

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