The ten…

The sun sets on another day…

Ever notice how good things come in 10s?  Probably not. That’s mainly because good things can come in any number or flavor or color. The idea that good or bad things come in a number is pretty funny to me.

Well maybe. I have found that I usually sneeze in threes. If I sneeze more or less, it usually means that I’m fighting something off and trying not to be sick. I have found that a pair of socks works better than one. And I have found that one really is the loneliest number unless you’re trying to get something done and then one makes it easier.

The only reason I bring this up it’s because I’ve talked to several people who expects things to come in pairs or groups of numbers and quote some old superstition on how it’s supposed to work. Sorry I’m not a big believer.

From a statistical point of view every situation is a new situation with a new series of results and can’t be compared to any other situation. This is why somebody who plays the lottery with the same numbers every day thinking they will eventually win has obviously not taken statistics. There is no correlation between one drawing to the next so it cannot be considered as part of a global whole. By the same token your life is a series of events they don’t necessarily correlate to each other. Of course, some do. Having a child means that you will have certain responsibilities. Having a pet instead of a child means that you will have different responsibilities but for the life of those events there will be some things in your life that have changed. The truth is no two lives are like and no two situations can be measured by two similar situations other than anecdotally.

I think we’re back to who cares. All I can say is overtime I think about some pretty ridiculous things and this was one of them. It may mean that I can’t find a four-leaf Clover any faster or that money won’t come falling out of the trees, but it could also mean today is a good day and I just need to enjoy it. Maybe I can have 10 good days in a row not because I’m asking for them but just because I make them that way. It’s worth considering.

So as the sun sets on another day, why don’t we consider that sometimes the number of times doesn’t matter, and we just need to work towards doing the right thing. Maybe if we work towards doing the right thing and being happy, we’ll have some fun and along the way enjoy our life, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love to the moon and back, and love little more it’s worth it…

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