Wants and Needs…

The sun sets on another day…

It’s a Good Day right now. Sunset has come and now the darkness is slowly falling across the land. Somewhere deep inside I can feel the resident positive in my morning, my noon, and my night. Is there anything else we truly need?

Needs are something that we don’t often consider. I have always broken things down into once and needs. A want is something that we long for and we feel that we have to have but it will not adversely affect us if we don’t have it. I need is something that without it we will either fail or worse.

I find myself looking at a lot at wants and a lot of wants I have had in my life. My little sister and I had very little and perhaps even less. Our wants were translated simply because they were needs as I grew up and became more and more aware of my value I also added what I thought were additional needs. Sometimes I was right. Often I was not. It is difficult to understand how wants and needs align as they feel so similar, but needs are definitely far more pressing.

How do you tell?

It’s a neat trick to try to determine the difference between wants and needs sometimes. Sometimes a want seems so real it must be a need, but its not. Sometimes we can be clouded by how we feel and  and wants and needs become so convoluted it can make you crazy. In my opinion the way to tell is to see how you feel without something, and determine the long term impact. Once there you may find a lot of things that seemed like needs actually are not.

This could be a lot longer, but I try to make things short for everyone. All I can suggest is take a few minutes, start looking at your wants and needs, and find a path that works for you. Remember, sometimes wants are just fine, but that is another conversation.

So as the sun sets on another day, think about how great life would be if your needs were always met. Then think of a life where wants and needs were always met. Not quite as good sometimes, and great others. Pick and choose, and come up with a solution that works for you, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and enjoy the night…


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