No patience…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was once again gray and snow spackled around and said howdy for a little while. I still enjoyed the time and after night fell I shined a flashlight into the sky and watch the snowflakes scatter around.

Patience His defined is like ability to accept delays without getting angry or upset. Normally I love to focus on all of the positives in the world but I feel compelled tonight to share a little. I went out earlier to get a few things and as I did I watched a young person at a restaurant get berated for something they had absolutely no control over. I sat and watched for a few minutes as the woman picked and picked at this poor host until I finally said something about how it wasn’t their fault and how the woman needed to just be patient. She was about to say something until she turned around and I guess the fact that I am quite a monster kept her from saying much at all. She stayed quiet and the beet red worker slowly calmed down, solved her problem, and was happy to see her leave.

I can be impatient as well. For example right now I am having my car worked on and it is taken 6 days to not solve it. Let me repeat that six days to not solve it. I’m hopeful that people understand that the only thing we never get anything else of in life is time, but I realize that being out of control and a jerk is the wrong thing to do always. No I’m not a pushover and no I don’t sit and take it indefinitely but I will tell you that I’m always going to be nice and never going to be out of control, I just can’t take that chance .

I would suggest you take a similar stance. Why not take that time that you would spend berating an individual and apply it to your own patience. after all unless it was done with malice you’re not going to change anything. Why not take your time and try to enjoy the moments that you can instead of becoming that person that be rates someone for no good reason.

Now I know there are good reasons and you know it too. All you have to do is find a way to determine the what and the when you need to be a little more aggressive and then check yourself (before you wreck yourself). I think you’ll be glad you did.

So as the sunsets on another day don’t be that person. Instead take your time, invest in patience, and reap the rewards no matter what.

Sleep sweet , love life, and keep being happy…

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