The sun sets on another day …

Sunset was bright and colorful, and I watched from a distance unable to make it to the beach. The brisk air outside was super difficult but I had on my warm jacket and enjoyed being outside as much as I could.

This week I have been on a countdown. One of my dogs has been having a terrible time from jumping off a 12 inch ledge and falling wrong. To my bigger dog, well, she doesn’t even notice that type of distance but the small dog had issues and is very old. I was counting down wondering if I was going to have to make a difficult decision. I had hope and I did everything I could and guess what , he started walking better again today.

I know that it’s just a matter of time but I try to stay positive and make his days as fantastic as possible as he tries to make mine pretty good too. it’s funny how animals can affect us and even funnier how sometimes you just make the best of everything you can .

So as the sun sets on another day, I’m thankful for another day. I’ll stay thankful for another day as long as I can until I have no days left. Be thankful for every day you have for there is no tomorrow until today is yesterday.

Sleep sweet , love life, and Woof

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