Perish the thought…

The sun sets on another day…

I think if we took the time to consider the world we would take the time to consider a lot more then the slices of life we often look at.

My first published book was a book of poetry called “A Slice of Passion”. it contained a series of poems that I had written over a period of about 20 years at the time. This meant that many of the poems we’re from me struggling to understand life at a relatively young age.

As I read through many of these poems recently I realized that I could see myself grow through my writing and through my understanding of the complexities of people. My life have been driven by passion since a very young age. People who know me usually see that. It is not that I focused passion on one thing or another but that I focused passion on a considerable number of things and sometimes seem well over the top to many people.

I have only met a few people that have some concept of what I feel. What is interesting is I saw in each of them the same thing that I feel but each one of them broke my heart in one way or another. Perhaps unbridled passion cannot coexist. Perish the thought. I would like to think that somewhere out there that there are two people with the virtually unlimited passion that I have they have found each other and in the process they have found a way to ignite passion beyond passion. At least I’ll keep thinking that.

No matter how I look at it I know that my passion is what pushes me to do more, read more, love more , be more, do more, and to put it quite simply sometimes makes me larger than life. for that matter I am larger than life simply because I’m a giant as well. Funny isn’t it? How that sometimes works?

I’m curious about you. Are there things that you feel passionate about? Passion being a near uncontrollable emotion? Are there things in life that you consider to be passionately important? Do you apply passion beyond the relationship between people? Are you passionate?

So as the sun sets on another day, consider all these questions and remember that I’ll keep thinking that unbridled passion can exist, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and don’t let go…

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