Flattery will get…

The sun sets on another day…  

Again the snow fell and now there are feet on the ground. Well, several feet of snow.

I am often amused by the idea of flattery. I know that flattery can sometimes get you anywhere and sometimes gets you nowhere but the idea of flattery is telling people something nice.

Shouldn’t we be telling people something nice anyway? Shouldn’t we always look for the good in things and not focus on the bad? I was a little frustrated today as I thought about all of the negativity and fear in the world. In the end there will be little memory of all the reasons why all this has happened. instead we will have the memory of fear and soon it will be whether we overcame it or became a slave to it.

My point is (not the one on top of my head) maybe we need to start spending our time being positive to people. Maybe we need to spend some time being positive to ourself. After all, flattery may get you nowhere or it may get you somewhere but if you flatter yourself and are truthful about it, it can probably get you anywhere. I like that idea.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and give some flattery then take a little bit if it’s given to you. The world would be a better place if we just took the time to look for the good in things , no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love, and love some more…

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