The sun set on another day…

Today was a hallmark holiday. sunset was lost in the clouds behind a million million snowflakes. As I watched the sky it only made sense that the snow would keep falling.

there are lots of times in our lives that we feel uplifted by others. Those people who put themselves to the side to lift us high above. I would hope that we would be the ones lifting but as you know sometimes we need to be lifted higher. It’s not easy nor is it something that is particularly hard, it is just something that needs to be done.

A long time ago (not in a Galaxy far far away) I was having a very difficult time with life. We all have these times occasionally and I make a conscious decision every day to not have them. Still back then I was struggling with a great many conflicting emotions and more questions than answers. Back then I knew a great many people and kept pushing all the time to be more, learn more, love more, and just enjoy the days.

The details aren’t necessarily important but on a long ago day someone surprised me and took me from a low to a high in a matter of minutes. I was always used to being the one to make everything right for everyone and this one time someone turned the tables on me and I felt really good about life. They actually paid attention to what I said.

Who cares about the history lesson, right? Well, I do but not for the reason you think. What happened to me should happen more often. People should listen and people should hear and when they see that someone needs them, especially when it is a close friend, they should be willing to set a higher standard. It’s just the way I think it should be. I have friends that go above and beyond and they stand out to me always. This one time long ago was just different. Can’t we all make that difference?

so as the sun sets on another day, sometimes doing what is expected is the best thing you can do. Sometimes listening and going a bit farther is even more. In a world where everyone seems to sometimes look in the mirror be the one that looks somewhere else. Be the one that makes someone happy for no particular reason except to be different. We all deserve no less, and we all should do more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and be happy…

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