Long month…

The sun sets on another day

Sunset was once again amazing and filled with spectacular colors that lit up the sky. the clouds dotted the horizon and changed from puffy white to black as the sunset lit them from behind.

I’m always amazed by how short and long time is perceived. I read a story by Stephen King that I have spoke about several times. in it a family member explains time to a child who has been cheated at hide and seek. You would think the story was very thinly veiled but it was actually quite complex has the family member explained life as a whole. As I read this story I was fascinated by how people perceive time and how I perceive time.

I have always thought that a single moment can last a lifetime. There are so many moments that seem as though they never ended in still every day there’s something new and exciting to consider. It is in those moments that are new and exciting that I still find fascination and moments that last forever. The giggling laugh that seems to never end, or the snuck kiss that was only a few seconds but seemed like a lifetime. Either one becomes something special and still there is more.

This is another case where you may be saying “So what” but humor me a moment. if we can make the exciting and fun moments in our life last longer doesn’t it make sense that we will enjoy our days more fully? This month I had the honor of spending time with a significant number of authors and readers and enjoying each moment that I could. it wasn’t as though I was going to make a mint but it was a lot of fun. Some of the authors shared much more and gave of themselves to give others knowledge. Some authors just read and moved on. Some readers found that book that they just would never be able to put down. These moments were long and enjoyable moments and I am thankful for them. there was even a moment where someone expressed negativity towards me, I am used to that. Even that turned out to be a positive. Again I am thankful for this time.

so as the sun sets on another day, enjoy your day like no others and make it as though this is the first best day you can have. In the process let’s all have a little fun and make our moments positive ones that are longer than most, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and wow what a day…


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