Keep driving…

The sun sets on another day…

Another amazing sunset and another amazing day.

I found that driving is very relaxing way of approaching the world. When I drive the world seems to slow down for a little while and I get time to think. Sometimes I think about very frivolous items and others I consider complex situations and the complex situations bred out of complex situations.

On this day life seems a little bit easier as I take my time and just drive. The road is laid out before me and there are numerous paths, I can take but only one direct path to where I want to be. Isn’t that how it is in life? We all seem to have paths to where we want to be but sometimes, we just don’t follow them. The good part is sometimes we do know where we’re going to go and how we need to get there. In those cases it’s just time to drive.

What do you do to get to the path and the place you want to go? Do you follow the direct path and make it happen every day or do you have some other solution and some other way that will make it work? Do you know where you’re going or are you still looking for your Shangri-La? how can you find where you want to go? How can you define that path you know you want and know you need?

I wish I had all the answers for you but I too I’m always looking for my Shangri-La. I’ll let you know when I find it.

So as the sun sets on another day, just keep driving and finding that next stop that will bring you happiness. Sometimes this will mean things get a little rough and you overcome them but usually it will help you find your center and that place you need to be, no matter what.

sleep sweet, love life, and keep living it…

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