The sun sets on another day…

I know sunset was up there but I couldn’t see it. still I enjoyed every minute just because. It’s not that I am overly positive, I am not. it is that I realize that every day left is a gift and if you miss just one you have lost that gift.

On top of spaghetti all covered with cheese I still have my meatball and I want some more please. I love all the pasta and I love meatballs too and then there is cheese dear for that my love is true.

Yeah I know I could be going a little crazy right here, but believe it or not I’m not. The world is full of enough crazy and it really doesn’t need me. There are so many things going on that I ask myself often what’s most important? what is that Supreme thing that will keep a positive attitude running through my heart always.

I found the answer, it was actually right in front of me all the time. The most Supreme thing to me is the fact that I am me. I am unique and capable and the only limitations that I have are those that I set on myself. There is nothing I cannot overcome if I put my mind to it and my motivation can be fueled only by the resolve I have inside myself.

Boy that sounds pretty unique and silly doesn’t it. Still it’s quite true. We make a decision each and every morning to wake up and be a part of this fantastic world. We step back and realize our demeanor almost instantly and many people just go with the flow. Instead it’s time for us to set aside the flow and go where we want to go. If you want to be depressed you will be depressed. If you want to be amazing you’ll be amazing. If you want to set a standard for the world that’s what you’ll do and if you don’t want to be anything that’s possible too.

The point is who you are each and every day is defined by who you want to be every day and I think I’ll let lightning dispel the darkness and I’ll be Supreme every moment I can.

So as the sun sets on another day isn’t it time you take stock of yourself and believe? After all the world is a better place because of you being here. The world is a better place because of me being here. The world is a better place because we all are here trying to be positive . Believe it and make it true no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, be supreme…

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