Old memories die hard…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular and filled with colors. The waves of Lake Michigan slapped the shores as the sun slowly descended in the western sky. it was an amazing sight.

I have access too many memories. I sometimes think memory is a fickle beast simply because on one hand I can remember such a detail from so long ago and on the other hand I sometimes don’t pay much attention to what happened yesterday, and I can’t easily recall it only to be able to recall it in massive detail six months later. Because of this strange way that my memory works I am sometimes haunted by old memories and sometimes remember strange things that others would set aside.

For example, I am haunted by the train set that was going around a doctor’s . tree when I was only 5. By that same token I remember very clearly the smell of the fresh spring air when I was two and about to tip over an iron pot on my leg. I can still smell the perfume from a girlfriend I had in college. I can still taste a milkshake I shared even before college and see the vibrant colors of the sunsets in northern Michigan when I was very young. Some of these memories make sense but some of them don’t.

A lot of times I remember high school, and Lexington. As I arrived tonight I was lost in the memories, and all the special people I have known here. All the special times I have had in this city.

My question is what makes some memories so easy to remember and some more elusive? Why is it that some of the most amazing moments I have had in my life I have to think about well others I try hard to forget?

I find most people hang on to negative memories better and I have worked hard to hold on to both but I have found the memories that have the deepest meaning are sometimes the ones that are a little more difficult. Sometimes it can only be described as a stitch in the mind and perhaps something that I felt I should remember. No matter how you slice it I feel good knowing I can remember so much and I’m happy that my memories will not die easy.

So as the sun sets on another day let’s consider for a moment how important memory is and even though we live each day with the promise of making today the best that it can be it’s nice to be able to remember all the amazing days you’ve had. Hold on to the good memories and enjoy the moment , no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live hard…

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