Not sure why…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was once again amazing, but what do you expect. It is always beautiful here and even if it’s not I still know that beauty is around us.

A lot of people spend their life asking that immortal question “Why?” It seems like that would be a very easy question to ask and of course an even easier question to answer. Still the bulk of people do not fully understand the “why” and also do not fully understand the depth of the what behind the why. Take for example a simple statement like “why can’t I be happy?” and you’re immediately stuck in a conundrum of what it takes to be happy. Not only that but you have to ask yourself what is it that makes you happy if you remove everything else in the world. I know it may sound confusing but I have found that many people expect their happiness to be a subset of someone else is happiness or something that can be delivered to them without their interaction. That’s silly. (I pause here and apologize to anyone who is offended by that statement or thinks that they’re silly. If they’re thinking they’re silly right now they probably are silly right now.)

The why is always driven by the person asking as is the what the how and a series of other questions that people tend to set aside or not pay attention to in their life. In the end it is up to the person trying to find happiness to make themselves happy.

I wake each day with a choice. I can look at the things that are missing in my life or the people that are missing or the situations that are missing or a dozen other things that are missing from my life or I can look at the positives that I have and have a tremendous day each day. Every day I find a reason to choose the latter. Every day I find a fantastic thought that keeps me going. Every day my “what” is not held back by a “why” what is instead empowered buy a “why not”.

To me this is the only answer. to me I choose my life and no matter how devastating it can be I find a way to rise above. Why? Well, Why not.

So as the sun set on another day stop worrying about why and let’s worry about why not and make our days the most amazing they can be each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and stop asking why…


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